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Charter boats

4 May 2017

Charter boats are not mandatory at the 2017 Asian and Oceanian Championships. All teams who wish to charter an Optimist could do it during the entry's registration via the IODA website.


The Optimist suppliers are Far East Boats. Far East will supply all of the charter Optimists. Before the event IODA will allocate the designated boats on a random basis ensuring teams receive equal equipment.

Equipment information:

Optimist hulls complete with:

- Optimist Championship hull complete

- Optimist Championship epoxy foil

- Optimist Championship Spar

- Optimist beach trolley

- Optimist blocks and ropes

- Optimist foils bag

- 1 x Optimist paddle

- 2 x Optimist bailers

- 3 x Optimist airbags

- 1 x Optimist painter rope

- 1 x Optimist mast cleat

- 1 x Optimist wind direction indicator

Note:  The charter package does NOT include sails and sail ties.

Optional: Teams are welcome to bring their own foils, spars and rope

Cost: Event - USD400/boat. Early Arrivals - USD 100 for each boat for up to 7 days..


All ribs will be provided by the LOA. Local licensing laws in Hong Kong require one person on each RIB to hold a local “Pleasure Vessel Operating Licence”. The organizing authority will attempt to assist overseas coaches to find persons who can be on board to satisfy this requirement if necessary.

For PVOL holder, please contact us directly so we can designate you as the official coxswain.

Two coaches will share one boat. (USD 1,600 / boat)

Extra charge for the fuel: TBC for the event to be prepaid at the registration